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Feature of HiScrew 2000 Series Vplus

PQ wide mode [Vplus]
A unique control mode to widen operable range.

Hitachi's inverter controlling system brings about larger capacity under lower pressure or higher pressure under smaller capacity. The operable pressure range is from 0.44 to 0.83MPa*, and air capacity is increasing maximum 6-14% compared with conventional models. (*In case of 22/37kW model)


Power saving characteristics [Vplus]
Vplus shows a great deal of power saving

Operating pressure : Extended to max. 0.83MPa, min. 0.44MPa
In a range from 0.69 to 0.44MPa, power-saving efficiency greater than any other control system.
Comparison of electric energy

Unit: MWh

Note * U-type is commonly used suction throttle valve control.
Operating time: 6,000h/year
The figures of Vplus from 7.5 to 15kW were calculated under the setting pressure of 0.73MPa.
Those of Vplus from 22 to 100kW were calculated under the setting pressure of 0.59MPa
Function of maintaining operational pressures [Vplus]
Conservation of discharge pressure

Vplus maintains the necessary discharge pressure at all times with the unique patented intelligent control system, even in motor stop-restart control
Variety of functions [Vplus][M-type]

Automatic restart function. Reactor to suppress higher harmonics is built in. Power-off contactor is built in.
Systematic upgrade

Hitachi HISCREW2000 series (Vplus, M-type and S-type) share a common design and parts. Our original way of systematic upgrade, in which Vplus plays a central roll, have a lead as a whole.
V-M combination system

Hitachi's V-M combination system would be the most appropriate as a system of 2 to 3 compressors because of our original common design.

Advantages (37kW V-M combination system)

The combination system demonstrates almost the same characteristics in power consumption as a Vplus of 75kW. Approx. 25% reduction in initial investment. Approx. 44% reduction in electric power cost at the used air ratio of 60% when the pressure is 0.59MPa.


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